Are you getting the best deal?

I had a sales person in the studio the other day wanting to have a business headshot. When I gave him the price he told me he could go down the street and get it done for $20 less. I said, “Why don’t you?” He said, “I already did, but I didn’t like the results.” My reply was “Well then which was the better deal? The cheaper one that you did not like or my professional portrait that you loved?” Truly there wasn’t that much difference in price and a great difference in quality. Your professional image is important! Don’t cheap out. These days your clients are image savvy and the materials you put out to the public say a lot about your professionalism.

Call me and lets create a great image.



Free Consultation

Consultations are always free and they are a great way to exchange ideas about your photo session.  You’ll talk directly with Evin and he will help you to design a session that reflects your style.  A planning session will ensure that you get beautiful images you will cherish for a lifetime. Call 713-524-0199 today to speak with Evin. ____________________________________________________________

Session Fees

Business Portraits (in studio) $175 Includes: Photo Session and 1 Retouched Head & Shoulder Image on Disc Studio Portrait Session $225 Session fees cover the photographer’s time and materials used. On Location/Non-Commercial Only $275 Session fees cover the photographer’s time and travel expenses for the Houston area. Out of area fees are based on time and distance traveled. Commercial Photography Fees Start at $450 Commercial photography rates are based on an hourly or daily rate.  A per photo image fee is based on the number of images required, and the end usage of images.  In-house post-production is available on all images.  Bids are customized on an individual basis as related to the nature of commercial work. ____________________________________________________________

Promotions Birthday Club Membership – One Time Enrollment Fee $50  Birthday-Club NO SESSION FEES and incredible portrait discounts make Evin’s the most popular children’s photo club in Houston! Newborn to 18 years old, we create fun photo sessions for everyone. All of our images have beautiful color and the richness that EVIN THAYER portraits are known for, along with being economically priced to encourage parents to have their children photographed often.