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Do you consider professional portraits a luxury item? As a busy Houston photographer, I’ve been seeing a lot of my clients come in for their regular executive portraits, but when I enquire about their family members who I haven’t photographed in a while, the reply is often that they would love to schedule a session, but have just been too busy lately. Kids are involved in activities, summer vacations, all the usual work deadlines, trying to hit the gym like crazy for an upcoming event, etc.…maybe they can schedule something next month? While it’s true that we like to keep our lifestyles as rich and full as we can, it’s important that we don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day that we let life pass us by.

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Sometimes, when people perceive photography as a luxury item they’ll hold off, but the reality is that we’re only in this moment for an instant and when our lives can change so much in the blink of an eye, being able to hold history in our hands and share it with our loved ones becomes something you simply can’t put a price on. I know those designer shoes are fabulous, but of all the things in your home, your photos would be the items you would grab during an emergency, and if, heaven forbid, you were ever to lose everything in a fire or flood, the personal keepsakes such as family portraits would be the things you missed most. There’s good reason I consider photos a necessity in life and not a luxury; these memoirs can be recounted, but never replaced.

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Show that special person or persons in your life how much you care, whether it’s a photo of the children, or the pets, the entire family, or just of yourself. And before you mentally talk yourself out of being photographed because of weight gain, let me stop you right there; my magic thin-lens never disappoints, and I promise you will love your portraits! Besides it’s only ourselves who stress about personal flaws; to our loved ones we are perfect!

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This is the perfect time of year for home family portraits and I pride myself on being your #1 Houston photographer! So let’s do away with excuses, it only takes a couple of hours for great portraits and I can even come to your home if that makes life easier for you. Call me and let’s talk, don’t let any more unforgettable moments pass by without them being beautifully captured in photos.

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The kids are out of school for the summer, the trees are green and pretty, call us to plan your summer portraits at the park! We’ve been creating some beautiful outdoor Houston photography at parks all over Houston the past couple weeks, now is the time to do these portraits before our infamously hot Houston August days are back.

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I know most families take summer vacations or the kids are in camp but really you aren’t completely booked up every second of the summer. So make time for what’s important and put aside two hours to have your children or the whole family professionally photographed. These summer moments you’ll want to cherish forever and to relive again with these memorable photographs.

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My coffee table photo art books are one of my hottest items, and families are loving the option to have so many images put into a book that showcases everything from posed family photos to whimsical action shots, or heartwarming tender moments such as a simple hug. All these little moments add up to a timeless work of art that everyone will gather around at the holidays to share time and time again.

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Tips for outdoor photography in Houston:

  • Avoid photographing during mid day, the lighting is very harsh. Instead lets get that beautiful morning or late afternoon golden light that makes for a gorgeous portrait.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that fits the look of being at the park
  • The wind may blow hair around a bit, so style in a way that will work with the wind
  • With pets even the most well behaved can be distracted at the park, so bring a leash and possibly a favorite toy for one of my assistants to use to get their attention
  • Make sure children and pets are not hungry when you arrive for photos, giving snacks during the middle of portrait session can be distracting and messy
  • RELAX! You’re outside at the park and these photos should reflect the fun that goes along with being at the park. When you stress it shows, children and animals sense your stress. So arrive in plenty of time, relax and have fun!


Consultations in person or over the phone are free. So call Evin today to plan details for your outdoor Houston photography artwork. 713-524-0199

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