Photographing the top 40 oil industry leaders under 40 years old for Oil and Gas Investor Magazine was incredible and I want to thank all those involved. It was a fun photo assignment stretching from Houston to Dallas and involving leaders from all over the globe. As many oil and gas industries are either based out of Houston, or have offices here, it only made sense to start this massive project off with three Houston photography dates, maximizing convenience for the executives to find the right date to suit their busy schedules. We then traveled to Dallas for the A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference and Workshop since many of the other executives would be attending this yearly event. Members of Hart Energy arranged a wonderful photography space right across from the ballroom at the beautiful Omni Dallas Hotel. The conference had a lot of activities happening during those two days but everything flowed seamlessly and I was amazed at the camaraderie those who work in the oil and gas industry have for each other. Plus everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves both during the event, and while having their group and professional portraits taken.

So large was the group that we split the photography into small groups and then combined them in post production into one seamless image with a Vanity Fair style composition. I really enjoyed this from an artistic perspective, it gave me an opportunity to play and photograph executives in a non-traditional way, with a modern vibe; much more interesting than standard business headshots, or a group photo of everyone lined up in a conference room! The freedom of utilizing so many variations in pose, composition, props and seating really added a layer of depth to the large group photo.

Doing a yearly photography update for their website, brochures, etc. is standard practice for successful businesses and professionals, but why not consider thinking outside the standard “professional headshot” box? Call my Houston photography studio for a commercial photography quote and let’s create something unique that’s tailored to your company’s professional look 713-524-0199

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Jennifer’s Maternity Photos, Silly and Fun, Just Like Her!


Many of you know Jennifer, she has worked with me for 15 wonderful years. I’ve photographed her family countless times, her daughter Serenity has grown up in front of my camera… my little studio star! So when she announced that she actually wanted to do a maternity photo session to celebrate their newest addition I couldn’t wait to hear her ideas. Jennifer is fairly unconventional and has a very whimsical personality so I knew she’d want to do something a little different.

I love it when anyone comes to me with unconventional ideas or says I’m looking for something different and asks me for ideas. It gives me the opportunity to think outside the typical Houston photography studio box. For Jennifer, she made it clear that she felt anything but “glowing” this pregnancy but knew she wanted to document this time with the family dynamics changing. She wasn’t comfortable showing skin, her feet were very swollen so she preferred being barefoot, and most important she needed it to feel light hearted and wanted a lot of laughter.

So we took the not so fun side effects that this pregnancy had thrown at her on stride, and came up with a wonderful photo of her family reading children and pregnancy books while her husband rubbed her swollen pregnancy feet. For the next look, knowing how much Jennifer and her family also love to dress up for Halloween and comic book conventions, we felt we had to incorporate that fun element! We came up with a Marvel Comics fan vs DC Comics fan photo, if you are into comic books you understand this rivalry can be strong amongst comic book nerds. Thankfully the parents have agreed to embrace both and let the kiddo be whoever he wants to be. Judging by how much fun this family has together I’m sure the newest addition will be awesome!

So congratulations Jennifer and family, we can’t wait for your family portraits at your newborn photo session and all the wonderful years to come!

Ps. Do you have friends or family expecting? Don’t let them miss out on capturing their newborn during those first few weeks, give them a gift certificate to our Houston photography studio and they will have photos to cherish for a lifetime. Call 713-524-0199 for your personalized gift certificate.

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This Adorable Puppy Won Our Hearts

October 17, 2017

Meet Hank, the cutest puppy we’ve photographed here at the studio recently. As you can see, Hank is all puppy and full of attitude, with those big beautiful eyes you can’t help but fall instantly in love with, even as he is being super mischievous. Hank’s human has been a long time client and friend. […]

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Communicating Love in Our Modern Society with Photo Holiday Cards

October 4, 2017

With today’s modern technology, it should be easier than ever to stay in touch with our loved ones but sadly, many people around the world feel even more isolated then ever before. And because much of today’s communication is so fast food style, we lose a lot of the feelings we are trying to convey. […]

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Flood Damage to Your Photos and Houston Photo Restoration

September 7, 2017

With Hurricane Harvey we have received many calls from clients worried sick about what to do now that their portraits and albums have gotten wet from the Houston area flooding. Most important thing to do immediately is separate all photos and let them dry so that they do not stick together. This applies to framed […]

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High School Senior Yearbook Photos and Houston Deadlines

September 2, 2017

Has your senior already taken their photos? Yearbook deadlines for most Houston photography at area high schools is around mid September. So their isn’t much time to get these once in a lifetime photos. We all know that senior photos are an iconic moment in our lives. They hang on the walls for years, sometimes […]

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Houstonians united as one in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

August 31, 2017

There are no words to express what all of the Houston area has seen and experienced with Hurricane Harvey. We are devastated. I have faith in the people of our community. Houstonians shine brightest when faced with adversity. We come together when needed most and nothing, not race, religion, nor sexuality keep us from being […]

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Time For Your Perfect Beach Portraits!

August 17, 2017

I’m currently booking clients for beach photography down at Galveston Island. Maybe you’ve seen others’ beautiful beach family portraits or it’s just been a few years since you’ve done one yourself. Why put it off any longer? Beach photos are always carefree fun and I love how they really capture those qualities in your family. […]

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Are Portraits a Necessity or a Luxury Item?

July 27, 2017

Do you consider professional portraits a luxury item? As a busy Houston photographer, I’ve been seeing a lot of my clients come in for their regular executive portraits, but when I enquire about their family members who I haven’t photographed in a while, the reply is often that they would love to schedule a session, […]

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Summer Portraits at the Park

July 7, 2017

The kids are out of school for the summer, the trees are green and pretty, call us to plan your summer portraits at the park! We’ve been creating some beautiful outdoor Houston photography at parks all over Houston the past couple weeks, now is the time to do these portraits before our infamously hot Houston […]

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