Real People and Stories

Jan Carson
Evin is a true genius behind the lens. He captured the essence of my family in a warm, loving portrait that delights us very time we look at it! Jan Carson  
Carolyn Farb
When you think about having a photograph taken, you can feel confident that Evin Thayer will capture your unique spirit. Evin makes every session into a creative collaboration. Even though he has taken thousands of photographs, he approaches each new encounter as if it were his first. He never just takes a photograph – it is always an expression of his art. Dr. Carolyn Farb, hc
Linda Lorelle
Every time I step in front of Evin’s camera, I know I’m going to love the result. The photo he took with my 5 year old daughter’s arms wrapped around my neck completely captures the “Mommy love” I felt at the precise moment the camera clicked. It’s one of my all time favorites. Then some nine years later, he made me look oh, so glamorous in an evening gown photo for Health & Fitness Magazine! Not bad for a mother with a teen aged daughter!  Evin, you get all the credit!! Linda Lorelle
Evin,Thank you so much for taking your time to do the photo shoot with Nolan Ryan. As always, your work is brilliant and your heart for helping animals is boundless. Please know that you are very appreciated! Warmest, Salise Shuttlesworth JD, Executive Director FRIENDS FOR LIFE
Dr. Dale Archer
Evin and team, I have just reviewed the photo output from your Dr. D session today.Your work is absolutely fantastic. I have had the privilege to work with some of the most talented people in the world in my role as a global market development specialist, and I can only say, Evin, that you are right up there at the top of my list. Simply outstanding work and I would commend you to anyone.You have a rare an uncanny ability to bring out the essence of the subject, your photographs are hallmarked by understated simplicity, which is an art form in itself. The amazing thing about your work is that you don’t see the photograph at all, you see the person and it is a pleasure to see such talent at work.Dr. D and I will enjoy selecting the first set of photographs for his global brand campaign and we are already looking forward to working with you again very soon. Please pass on our sincere thanks to the whole team. Sonja Clarke
Stephen & Charlotte Sherwood - Moore
Evin, I can not say enough about your talent, charm and professionalism. You always take the time to capture the best in all of us. A very common question around our household is, “Who took those amazing photos?” We feel lucky to have you as an extended member of our family and look forward to creating many more memories together. Charlotte Sherwood-Moore
Evin, You have become my official family photographer! I first worked with you in 1998 and every year I return for a new family photo session with my pets. You are extremely patient with my dogs, my son, and my husband. Tamara Budd
Evin, You always make it fun for my children during our photo sessions. Every year we look forward to seeing you and best of all, every year you make me look fabulous! Laney
Dear Evin, You take the most beautiful portraits. They are truly works of art.Whenever I begin planning a party or celebration, Evin is the first person I call to book! Kristina
Kimberly Delape
Evin, You are the Master of “catching the right moment”! There will never be another portrait like the one you did of me with Zia-Zia, Jacques, and Gigi! Kimberly DeLape
Dear Mr. Thayer,What a beautiful picture of Sister Brendan! God has truly blessed you with a lot of talent. Sister Lauren Beck, C.V.I.President Incarnate Word Academy
Kurt Johnson & Mark Ziegler
Evin’s portraits are phenomenal no matter what the subject matter! But with triplets, life goes by so fast and it takes an extra special touch to capture those unique moments. So when you can’t relive the moment, let Evin capture it! Kurt & Marc
Dear Evin,  My greatest thanks for your patience, coaching, and outstanding talent to bring out the best in people for your photographs. You made me feel so comfortable. I forgot about all my worries about having my picture taken and just had fun. Thank you for your encouragement and for helping us to bring our thoughts together into one very special work of art! Mark & Ashley Anderson
It is hard to capture beauty like this but Evin certainly did. Bob & Thu
Ham Family
Evin – This was the best photo session I ever had! You worked great with the babies! My goal was to have a good family photo and I ended up with a PERFECT family photo! You photographed my wedding a few years ago and I am now a customer for life. I love you guys! Katy Ham
Evin, Thank you so much for the spectacular job you did with my maternity pictures. Your both went out of your way to make my husband and I feel welcome at all times. The set up at the studio was inviting and private at the same time, which allowed my husband and I to feel comfortable during the photo shoot. The results were incredible, more than we had expected. The portraits leave everyone speechless. Clara Hough Owner & President Over The Top Linen, LLC
Please tell Evin I just opened our pictures. It makes my heart leap to see what he captured in the boys! And, he makes me look 10 years younger. Thank you again. Give him a hug for me….these photos are priceless! Rosemary Buckle, MD